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1. Pick one fandom, and within that fandom you pick a character/pairing/trio/or foursome. A pairing can romantic but at ficmix friendship, or sibbling pairings are also allowed. But no incest.
2. In a fandom an author can only have one claim. However, an author is allowed to have one other claim in a seperate fandom.
3. Only one person can claim something in a fandom but we do have a waiting list if what you would like is taken
4. Then create a prompt table with at least 7 (but no more than 20) songs that you pick for you claim.
5. All ratings are allowed, but they must be properly warned above the lj-cut.
6. The first peice of fiction should be posted within 3 weeks. The amount of weeks you have to complete all of your fic depends on the number of songs you choose.
7. Minimum word count: 100 words, can be more then that if desired. Your lyrics should not be included in the word count.
8. Exact entries must be posted as such:
Song & Artist:
Word Count:
Then an lj-cut or fake cut to your story.
9. In the titlebar please put your claim, fandom, and the song name
10. Only one song can be from the fandom you chose.
11. This is supposed to be a mix. No claiming entire CDs. Please claim at the most 3 songs per artist. If you want to do a whole CD go to ficalbum
12. Use the tags we define for you when we accept your claim
13. Pairing can be of anything, EXCEPT, something that involves incest or beastiality. Anything else goes. Siblings can be claimed as a friendship or platonic pairing.

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